Construction of the First Automated Enterprise in the Furniture Industry

"Element Construction" is actively continuing the construction of the first automated furniture factory in the South Caucasus by the order of "LTB.

The enterprise will be located in Tbilisi, Ulyanov St. No. 29, on 6,620 sq.m. Its construction began in 2022, and the finished project is scheduled to open in 2025. The project of the enterprise is led by the company "Element Construction" with multi-profile experience, and the German brand HOMAG will work on equipping/maintaining the project with high-tech equipment.

The purpose of building a robotic enterprise is the maximum automation and quality standardization of "LTB" production processes, which will help the company to export its products. It should be noted that the project is distinguished by its energy efficiency - the energy obtained at the expense of waste processing will be used for production, which serves the goals of sustainable development.

In addition to business development, the automated industry will increase jobs in the country and people will have the opportunity to be employed in positions that are among the most in demand, for example: computer engineering, furniture construction, quality control and security.

The total investment required for the implementation of the project is about 15 million GEL. 10 million of these were within the framework of the state promotion program "Produce in Georgia", the rest was attracted by the DCFTA program. The conditions of the support are as follows: in the first case, the interest of the loan is financed, and in the second case - up to 15% of the loan share.

This grand project was preceded by many years of successful cooperation experience of "Element Construction" and "LTB". In 2021, "Element Construction" completed the construction of a four-story multifunctional enterprise building ahead of schedule under the conditions of the regulations in effect during the pandemic. The industrial construction portfolio of "Element Construction" also includes the first enterprise of "LTB".