Mission And Vision



Our mission is to become the leading construction company in Georgia, offering tailored solutions based on customer demand and providing high quality of execution.


Precision in all elements of construction is essentially important for the company.

While conducting all works with modern technologies and in accordance with European standards, the company offers high quality of service, reasonable and optimal solutions in planning, management and execution of construction projects.

Our motivated team strives for development and perfection.  With its strategy, Element Construction continues to grow in order to reach desired goals.



Integrity: Relations with customers are based on sincerity, reliability and solidarity.

Effectiveness: We offer customers optimal solutions, that completely meet their requirements and at the end become the basis of successful project.

Responsibility: We are focused on obtaining the optimal solutions and elimination of risks.

Development: We assist our employees in the development of their professional knowledge and skills. By means of knowledge and modern technology achievements, we improve both construction and project management processes.